Laser micromachining

Laser Micromachining


The outstanding capabilities of GLO Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers in handling record laser pulse energy and delivering these pulses in a flexible fashion makes GLO fibers an excellent solution for all developers and end-users in the emerging laser micromachining market and applications.
Through its proprietary Kagome HC-PCF, GLO brings to its customers innovative and superior solutions and/or fiber-photonic components for laser power handling and delivery. In particular, GLO Kagome fiber and its functionalised form PMC is well suited to fulfil the full potential of high power ultra-fast fiber lasers in material micromachining and microprocessing. GLO products and/or technology can be used in the laser micromachining sector in a number of ways. For example, it can be used as a laser delivery link between the laser-head and the work-piece that combines flexibility, low transmission optical loss, low pulse distortion, and access to very small and inconspicuous spaces to machine. A second example is laser pulse temporal control, where GLO offers costumer-tailored PMC to compress laser pulses.
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