Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers
A large range of fiber products from award winning fiber technology

For Blue laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-Blue 


A low-loss spectral-coverage for blue lasers







For Green laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-Green 


A low-loss spectral-coverage for all green lasers 




For Ti:Sa, ECDL laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-TiSa_Er-7C 




For Yb, Nd:Yag laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-Yb-7C 









⊕ PMC-C-Yb-19C


Ideal for large mode area


Contact us for more details































For Telecom laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-Er-7C 




For 2μm laser systems

⊕ PMC-C-2μm-7C 





Custom and RnD

GLOphotonics gives their partners access to its unique know-how and facilities in the field of microstructured optical fibers or photonic crystal fibers via providing highly customized hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibers (HC-PCF) and Photonic MicroCells (PMC).
GLOphotonics built up a strong experience in satisfying highly demanding specification requirements on HC-PCF and PMC.
GLOphotonics provides support to its customers on how to handle its products but also in integrating them in highly sophisticated systems in applications as varied as laser micromachining, biomedical, space and instrumentation.
Please contact us for any inquiry on hollow fibers which are not covered by our website catalogue.