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Hollogyr project

Le projet HOLLOGYR, porté par la société GLOphotonics en vue de développer des composants pour cavité résonante à fibre creuse pour gyroscope optique a été cofinancé par l'union européenne dans le cadre du FEDER 2014-2020 et par la région Nouvelle Aquitaine.


GLOphotonics welcomes new investors

GLOphotonics closed a Series A funding round, co-invested by the global operating high-tech companies DMG Mori Seiki Co and TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH + Co. KG.

DMG Mori is a world leader in high-end precision machines and automation systems, based in Nagoya, Japan. TRUMPF is a world leader in manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools and laser technology, based in Ditzingen, Germany.

Following the investment, DMG Mori and TRUMPF strengthen the company’s capital structure around the GLOphotonics founder who remains the major shareholder. This investment will contribute to allow GLOphotonics to enter a new phase, recruit new talents, complete a state-of-the-art production facility and address industrial markets. Particularly, GLO remains committed to provide all existing and future customers and partners with a strong technology differentiator in their respective field.

“We are thrilled that two recognized industrial leaders with deep roots into research, development and engineering, and unparalleled commercial success with demanding customers on all continents, have endorsed our technology and our team to accomplish an ambitious plan”, said Fetah Benabid, founder of GLOphotonics.

Andreas Popp (TRUMPF’s representative in GLOs Supervisory Board) said: “GLOphotonics is an innovative high-tech company with great expertise in hollow-core fiber technology. With our investment we want to support the further development of this promising technology and help to bring it to industrial maturity.”

"The acquisition of minority stake in GLO by DMG MORI will accelerate the ongoing joint research and development project by the two companies. Moreover, they will expand the area of application of this technology from micro precision processing after mechanical machining to create additional or higher surface quality, or to processing large components by femto-second laser." Said Masahiro Yanagihara (DMG-MORI’s representative in GLOs Supervisory Board).

Eric Mottay, CEO of Amplitude, said: “Amplitude, a long-time strategic investor in GLOphotonics, is pleased to welcome new partners in the company. Fiber delivery of ultrafast lasers has the potential to significantly reshape the ultrafast laser micro-processing landscape. I believe in the power of collaboration in the Photonics industry, and I am looking forward to working with our new partners to further advance this promising technology.”


In an interview to the PhotonicsViews magazine, GLOphotonics founder and NE-CTO/CSO Fetah Benabid discusses GLO history and vision.

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GLOphotonics extends its hollow core fiber offering to UV range by demonstrating a record ultra-short pulse compression of a frequency-tripled high-energy ultrafast fiber laser. This work will be presented as a post-deadline paper* at CLEO conference 2018, held in San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA on 13 – 18 May 2018.

GLO new UV-range of hollow fibers guides at both 355 nm and 343 nm and exhibits, low transmission-loss, high energy handling and is intrinsically solarization-resistant.

For more details contact us or meet one of our R&D team members at CLEO conference.   

*Post-deadline paper is regarded as important cutting-edge research work and accepted after the deadline for regular papers.


CLEO US 2016 / POSTDEADLINE paper   "7.7 dB/km losses in inhibited coupling hollow-core photonic crystal fibers"

GLO Photonics, and researchers from the GPPMM group of the University of Limoges have demonstrated this year the fabrication of record loss inhibited coupling hollow-core photonic crystal fibers with a value down to 7.7 dB/km at 780 nm.

These results have been presented as a Postdeadline paper of the CLEO US conference in San Jose.

F. Gérôme received "Jean Jerphagnon" award

Frédéric Gérôme, CNRS researcher in the GPPMM group at the research institute Xlim UMR CNRS / University of Limoges and co-founder of the GLOphotonics company, is the winner of the Jean Jerphagnon Prize 2015. He received this award the February 23, 2016 at the closing ceremony of "2015, Year of the Light in France" in the salons of the Paris City Hall. This award distinguishes scientific excellence at the heart of entrepreneurship and through that price, it is also the work of all team that has been rewarded.


GLOphotonics is proud to announce that its proprietary Kagome hollow fiber has been selected as the finalist in the 2016 Prism Awards. The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honours the best new photonic products on the market. The Prism Awards is considered to be the “Photonics Oscar” by OptecNet Deutschland, and celebrates the best of our industry. The winners will be announced at Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco on 17 February 2016.

Additional information
Jerome Alibert, CEO

CLEO US 2015 / POSTDEADLINE paper   "Milli-Joule energy-level comb and supercontinuum generation in atmospheric air-filled inhibited coupling Kagome fiber"

In a recent collaboration, GLO PhotonicsAmplitude Systemes, and researchers from the GPPMM group of the University of Limoges have demonstrated the generation of a ~1000 THz wide and 150 nJ/nm energy spectral-density supercontinuum, and a Raman comb wider than 300 THz in atmospheric air-confined in inhibited coupling Kagome fibers for the first time.

These results will be presented as a Postdeadline paper of the CLEO US conference in San Jose.

Sept 2014 / LASER FOCUS WORLD article

Seminal work on Inhibited Coupling guiding hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (IC HC-PCF) is highlighted on the cover of September issue of the international magazine LaserFocusWorld. The results of this work are summarised in a 5-pages scientific report that recounts the salient properties of the IC guidance mechanism, the sequence of the major achievements in hypocycloid (i.e. negative curvature) core Kagome HC-PCFs that led to several world-record transmission performances, and its application in high power ultra-fast lasers. In the editor letter it is stated that these results will "make the next generation of high-power, ultrafast fiber lasers" through the start-up GLOphotonics.

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The dramatic progress in power-scaling of ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers and their continuous expansion use in industrial applications call for flexible and robust beam delivery systemes over several meters. Until recently, the maximum USP energy level that could be guided in optical fibers was limited to nano-Joule for silica-core based optical fiber, and to a few micro-Joule for hollow-core photonic crystal fiber.

In a recent collaboration, which will be presented as a postdeadline paper during the upcoming CLEO Conference in San Jose, USA, GLO PhotonicsAmplitude Systemes, and researchers from the GPPMM group of the University of Limoges have demonstrated the delivery of milliJoule, 600 femtosecond pulses in a several meter long Kagome hollow-core-photonic-crystal-fibers, in robustly single-mode fashion. Self-compression to 50fs, and intensity-level of petawatt/cm2 were achieved.